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About the Project

Either a house or a villa!
Evila embraces the whole pleasure of living at Başakşehir

Evila is an unrivalled project with its architecture, position and unique solutions. The project represents both a profitable investment and a prestigious way of life. Thanks to the residences with floor gardens, where the view will never be blocked, the 110 - 260 m2 villas with assigned hobby gardens and the shopping center hosting special brands, Evila is the most precious integrated project of Başakşehir .

Composed of 27 stores, 80 residences with floor gardens, 12 row houses and 26 villas, Evila is designed to provide a luxurious and peaceful life.

Separate indoor swimming pools for women and men, fitness center, sauna, showers and dressing rooms for women and men, walking track, sport areas, social facilities, cafe, and resting areas and a hobby garden specific for each villa. Also the parking problem is solved by assigning an outdoor parking lot of 2 vehicles for each villa, an indoor parking lot of 1 vehicle for each residence and an indoor parking lot of 2 vehicles for each row house. Evila promises the pleasure of life with many living spaces that will embellish your life.